Video games leads children to behavioral deviation


Announced a recent American study that violent video games may contribute to the increased risk of delinquency and unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and alcohol consumption among adolescents. According to the study authors, who are researchers at the University of Dartmouth College, the American, the violent video games a bad influence on the psyche of teenagers, as it gives them a sense of greatness.

A previous study published in the same university in 2012 indicated that these games could make teenagers less careful in driving. According to James Sargent, one of the supervisors of the study, the work of the scientific team not only to get rid of aggression results that may appear among amateur violent games, but it also pointed to the results of another, including smoking, drinking alcohol or risky behaviors while driving.

This study included five thousand American teenager randomly selected and answered questions over four years, and published in the Journal of the American Society for the Psychology, as published by the French news agency AFP.
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