Do video games cause a defect in the minds of children?


Detection of recent research that 12% of the players video suffer from "the phenomenon of transmission of the game", which means that they continue to hear the voices of a video game, even after they finish the exercise, as the study by researchers from the Research Unit video games at the University of Nottingham Trent, and has been published in the International Journal of Siberian behavior, psychology and learning, and has been prepared on the basis of the analysis of data for 1244 player of the forums.

He said 155 players that they continue to hear the sound effects, music and voices of the characters of the game, which they did, even after they stop them, such as the sounds of motor vehicles, lasers, explosions, and even scream, or breathing.

The researchers found that the common factor among all those who suffer from "the phenomenon of transmission of the game" is that they are engaged in video games for long times, and the worst Vtm results obtained from some of the players who spend about two consecutive days in practice games. The researcher Angelica Ortiz de Gortari This study supports a previous study prepared by the University of seeing practitioners about video games for some pictures of the game in their imaginations, even after they finish them, and therefore can lead to hallucinations.

The researcher explained that these experiments may lead to ideas and behaviors is logical, as it may cause distress, and stresses that the play for long times the player loses the ability to control his thoughts and actions. The researcher believes is responsible for research, Professor Mark Griffiths that it can reduce the "phenomenon of transition play" by cutting the hours of play.

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