Discovering how you try to lie your baby?


It is possible to read what the mother in the child's mind, as it is known whether he was trying to lie to escape from the face of his parents as soon as look and measure the extent of sincerity on his face. But sometimes you need additional assistance to the mother. There are some signs that your child is trying to lie to you, namely:

• If your child finds it difficult to look at your eyes when you speak may be a sufficient indicator, the children are innocent by nature, but with the growth of the child will still be trying from time to time in testing his ability to lie within you Sechtbrha other skills.

trembling hands and legs of the signs of lying, Lying is not an easy task for a child, so I feel the fear of punishment, and fear leads to the lack of harmony of mind and body, and can be difficult for small to deal with these contradictions which leads to vibration of the Parties.

• When you change the tone of the child, he used strong words, or there is a change in the vocal cords, or when he speaks more comfortable, these are all signs of an attempt to lie, because the child will not maintain the consistency of tone or tone of voice, will fluctuate and inconsistency.

unusual behavior to try to satisfy a mother or father, if the child eats every vegetable dish, or give up watching TV on his own, these signs of the presence of something unusual, so you can be suspected in the presence of trying to satisfy you lie to hide them.

conflicting sayings of the best ways to detect lying, The incidence of events narrated shows the contradictions.

Other signs of the child to try lying defensive or aggressive behavior in defense of his words. Parents can note these behavioral changes easily.

changes in body language signs of lying to try, if the child nibbles his nails, occur or other signs to indicate his fear.
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