The most important thing your child needs you


When a child's upbringing Alredaaa to grow up, you think a lot of mothers that they play their role to the fullest and overlook the small things may occur difference in the education of small, know us on the duties to your child:

Talk with him: Talk with your child, even if it was a baby, talk with him in every situation, when you feed him and change his clothes and bathing, and that does not Tzna TV or radio will play the same role, but you alone.
After it is a year old Adkhalah description in words and shapes, such as the first two, when you refer to something

Qlde his actions, smiling when smiled when he goes out to get out his tongue to tongue, knows that one of the types of conversation and creates interdependence between him and you. When your child looks for your eyes Speak with him and Azari some movements and comic turns his face when stop.

Carry your baby when he cries, of false beliefs is that the child should be left to cry even get used to the lack of Mnadat his mother, but the truth is that when you Ttgobe with learning self-reliance, because you Talminh how uses those around him when he needs something that was not without Etemadi.

Erdaa breastfed, Breastfeeding and so useful to him. Until several weeks after the birth to give it a good stock of food and immunology.
مشاركة الموضوع على منصات التواصل الاجتماعى
انسخ كود الشكل الذى تريده وضعه فى تعليق
اذا كنت لا تملك حساب على بلوجر قم بإختيار التعليق باسم " مجهول " , مزيد من المعلومات من هنا

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