How Tsaeidin your child to walk


Nothing more interesting than seeing the father and mother daughter learn a new skill every day. Of the most important skills that a child learns, of course, is the walking, but you and the role of parents in the education of their child walk? And how? This is what we will discuss in this article:

Once you have completed the small 8 months, can help him to stand and walk without fear on his bones. By Ntheih catch him until the next step and are to stand without assistance

The first things a child learns to crawl after Sanda is standing on a chair or the wall
What should parents do: create a climate for small so that it can move freely and without constipation things unbreakable. Also helped him to create an atmosphere of movement from one place to another

Stand without assistance. Between the ninth month and the twelfth of Omar Little can stand without help, but he is unable to take the steps
The role of parents: play with him and help him to stand up and counting the time it can stand without help and without getting caught. Little praise when standing alone.

The first step. This stage begins to take small steps to walk, but he needs to
encourage self-confidence and thus help him on the evolution of faster
The role of mother and father: the most important thing is to provide security for the small vulnerable because it occurred on the back of his head and in the previous two phases. Encourage him and help him to take more steps

Walking. From the age of 12 to 15 months. Little quickly tired of walking at this stage and tends to Hebbo setting calls to encourage and assistant of his parents.
The role of mother and father: When you first put him sit on a standing position

Walker must avoid at all because they slow down the process of walking, in addition to the many accidents that occur because of it
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