SKIN CARE child in the resort


Baby's skin is very thin and soft on the mother take care of it, especially in the summer where hiking and going to resorts and exposure to various factors, from the scorching sun and salt water and chlorinated water, Aliki some tips for skin care little ones in the resort:

The sun's rays are strongest between eleven am to noon the third.
Whenever your child's skin was light the greater the exposure to combustion of the sun and exposure to harm.
Kids under the age of 6 months should Abako in the shade all the time, because of sunscreens is not recommended at this age.
Show your child the darkening even in the days that have broken and withdrawn.
Advised to buy Sgertk cap petition for wearing when hiking in the resort or sit on the beach.
The descent of the water for short periods of time so as not to hurt the little Balasamarar.
Accelerate the shower after coming out of the water for skin care and hair because the salt water or chlorine is harmful to both hair and skin if the little remained so for a long time.
Choose a sunscreen that protects against ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB) and selected +30
Wear long sleeves when you go out on the morning Qmhadtha be mild or even cotton does not feel too hot.
مشاركة الموضوع على منصات التواصل الاجتماعى
انسخ كود الشكل الذى تريده وضعه فى تعليق
اذا كنت لا تملك حساب على بلوجر قم بإختيار التعليق باسم " مجهول " , مزيد من المعلومات من هنا

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