Show your child some things .. before you bring it to the market


Suffers a lot of parents take their children when the supermarket, where the child starts to throw everything on the ground, has been holding all the sweets and juices and adds them to the basket, then throws himself on the ground while Taidynha to place and starts screaming and crying.

When Tnajabi to accompany your child to the supermarket, you have to be from Takadi with clear agreements, in addition to doing the steps in the following form:

     Identify the child in advance the things that allow him to look for them and put them in your shopping cart.

     Identify him the amount that can be spent on purchases, and Keep it holds the money even if you do not know the account, and do not forget, of course, well-monitored, a male that he had to buy only including him money so that you feel independent. Explain to him and be able to buy such and such, but not by such and such, and it is to decide.

     Asrfa the attention of a small child through some assigned tasks and duties, Keep it selects fruits or lists the names of food products.

     Parents can avoid stress during a tour of supermarket shopping, when accompany their child may be after taking enough sleep and feeling of satiety.

On the other hand, some experts stressed that the quarrels that take place between parents and their children in the supermarket are related to personal perceptions of the child, as children dragged behind their perceptions of the Interior and a desire to assert themselves and their independence. And occupies a "taking" and "possession" focus the attention of young children, while the "tender" a later step in the development of their personality.

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