How your child learn to accept the loss in some cases?


It is known that children do not accept the loss in any way, it is noticeable that see them hidden in the corners of the house after the defeat of their own in one of the games, for example, or smashing game that they were playing with, but experts point out that the defeat is considered part of the basic skills, which is located you have a duty to teach your child.

The experts recommend education in such situations, as far as outward appearances of patience with their child, where the child needs to experience success and enjoy the experience of ecstatic to win, in order to be able to accept the feelings of defeat later.

For this purpose, the parents choose one of the games, which increases the chances of their child in the win, as one of the dice games or paper, for example, stressing that whenever parents treated themselves more calm in front of their child when Maisthm to experience defeat, it was easy for the child to acquire this behavior. The greater the age of the child, he was able to deal with the experiences of loss and failure better and he could also accept a more balanced than ever before, according to published German news agency.

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