Do parents encourage their children to break the rules of social networking sites


The Minister for Children Briton Tim Lofton that parents help their children under the legal age to create accounts on the social networking site "Facebook", pointing out that this means that the children are involved in social networking at a very early age, which could affect their safety and privacy. He added that parents are responsible for monitoring the activities of the children on the Internet.

This comes in light of the statements in the debate in the country would send sexual pictures of young people to each other via mobile phones.

He said Lofton, who has three teenage sons, said that parents have a responsibility to monitor the activities of their children on the Internet and added that "access to the social networking site Facebook should be for those who reached 13 years at least," stressing that this is the procedure regulator to participate in this site, but it does not apply legally. When people open new accounts on Facebook, they should answer the question confirms that they are over the age of 13 by recording the date of birth.

On the other hand, an official spokeswoman said on behalf of Facebook said the company developed the legal age requirement when registering accounts to comply with international standards governing the access of children to social networking sites. The company said on its website: "We are applying more protection and security procedures on young people in the age group of 13 to 17 years, so as to ensure that their participation and their messages do not appear in public search results to the public." The comments come after Lofton demanded that the MP in the House of Commons Ann Cove government and mobile phone companies to do more to combat the phenomenon of sexual exchange of materials between school students in adolescence.

Says a member of the House of Commons that there was a risk that trading sexual images of students among them that could reach anywhere and to anyone after that, which could threaten their safety and security. The MP called on mobile phone companies that the awareness campaigns alerting them to the dangers of sharing sexual images among adolescents, as well as providing adequate training for agents selling mobile phones to learn how to deal with the needs of different ages.

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