My child is lying too much ... How I treat this problem?


Experts advise Modern Education upon discovery lied to your child not to respond in the moment Tmiskin where your child is a lie, and instead Erslah to his room in order to calm down, Speak with your husband about the problem, or with your girlfriend's inner trust, or with a family member, my blueprint to play, and I yourself enough time to think about it, remember, when Ttfaalan without thinking, you will not Being effective, so give yourself a little time to do any proper solution, and the most prominent ways for treating children lie, are:

• When you speak, do not Taatjadla with your child about lying, only Ogari what I saw, and what is clear, you may not know the real reason behind it, but in the end, the child may tell you it.

So the conversation can take place in this way: «I have received some communication from the neighbor, tell me where she Rotk sneak out of the window, and you sleep on the kitchen table this morning during breakfast. But you told us that you were in the house all night? ».

You can say to your teenager also: «As a result of this work, you will not be able to stay at the home of friends on the weekend, and we are interested in knowing where you are? Where did you go? ». Leave the area has to tell you what happened.

• Remember that the recognition of what you think based on the facts that you have, Nfvea without controversy, and only Colaha Stick to it. «Have we received this information and we will scrutinize them and have consequences». Make it simple and listen to what your child's statements, but Connie firm in what you believe and Tatkadinh him.

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