What are the best methods of child-rearing and punished?


It may be difficult for some mothers raise their children without smacking or hitting. But most researchers point out that such behavior is favorable and can be described sometimes without humanity, what Asaha be the ideal way to punish the guilty child without the use of physical force? And to identify the most prominent methods to punish the child within the bounds of Education:

depriving the child of some pleasures; such as to prevent him from hiking abroad or go to the theater / circus, and deprived of eating sweets and delicacies and watch animated movies and playing with his toys favorites, etc..
When the child began to ignore the tantrum and leave the room where there and leave it alone, and before evaluating any step, Explain the reason for his departure, and ask him to catch up with you when it calmed down.
identify the child as a result of his actions from your own experiences in life, and tell him, for example, that Taarki with other children or with them acted selfishly, you will stop playing and Ststhil without friends.
Ask him to do some household chores as punishment for bad behavior, which issued him, for example, washing dishes or cleaning the house or garden, and Stop your child all what he is doing and ask him to go to his room and stay alone in one of the corners for a short period ranging between 5 and 10 minutes.
scare the child and creating different personalities fairy raises in the same horror and pay to stop acting reckless, put the experience of bad behavior by the child in front of all the family members together so Tqoumoua rated and judged.
punish the child in silence, in other words, Do what you want to do, but silently. In this way, well you fare appalled child calms down quickly.

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