Months vision problems when small

Young age learning those most in need of Eetmtau healthy well and there not what Ieigahm at this stage, of the things that may affect a child's life is the vision problems, particularly for children before the age of years, so it must be subject to the child for testing to make sure of his ability to vision is true. From vision problems experienced by young children.

Occurs as a result of non Atnzam surface Quranic which affects the vision clearly and in this case you will need for glasses.

Redness of the eye:
Happens redness in the white layer of the eye and increases the secretion of tears as a result of infection by bacteria, treated this case drops prescribed by a physician for the child, such as Altobrin.

Inflammation of the eyelid and the relaxation of the eyelids:
Sebaceous glands located at the roots of the lashes happen to her and cause inflammation in inflammation of the eyelids Vttgma secretions glue on the eyelashes, especially in the morning and caused him pain. Treated with drugs.

Lazy eye:
These months of problems experienced by young people and adults, occur because Dgv sight in one eye is produced by the programming the brain to see eye sound and neglect the weak eye, not to use the weak eye causes an increase in deterioration of vision in this eye and may cause loss of vision in the eye lazy.
The treatment of this case that covers the eye sound for several hours a day until the child get used to the use of the weak eye which improves vision in this eye, but if the situation is difficult to treat neglected for adults.

Congenital squint:
Dgv muscle in one eye, so consider one eye in a straight direction and the other in the direction of look for someone else. Be treated by prescription glasses or surgery depending on the situation. Neglect this case cause lazy eye.

Palaces in Focus:
Inability to look for things that Taatg or approaching.

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