Dealing with the cold in infants


Needs Alredaa for special care when a cold because it was a small can not afford the less things and must be dealt with gently to help the healing, in addition to that, some of the symptoms of serious brain may produce as a result of injury to the infant in the first several months of cold and heating up the severe, Aliki how to deal when your child with a cold:

Comfort for all ages, especially at this stage everyone wants to carry small and play with him, which may bother him and not give him a chance to sleep or relax enough periods. Hai has a warm and comfortable place away from the annoying noises, if you suffer from small heating up there is no need to wear many layers under clothing.

Use points the nose if he was suffering from a blockage in the nose, put five points in each hand and squeeze it 3 times and then wait for 20 seconds, then remove what's inside national using high-handkerchief.

Breastfeed at a greater rate, especially breastfeeding because it contains materials from mother's milk to give immunity to the small and give it a chance to heal faster. If the little old greater than 6 months majoritarian him fluids and juices and drinking water disinfectant.

Visit the pediatrician to prescribe medication for your child to an appropriate age to accelerate the healing process.
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