And duty toward your baby teething period

When the birth of the baby teeth are located directly under the gums, then the front teeth appear between 6 months and 12 months, then the rest of the teeth appear during the next two years, which helped him to eat and speak.

Proper diet for the growth of your child's teeth:
Child enjoy eating foods that do not contain sugar and therefore does not necessarily add sugar in food to the detriment of his teeth. Recruit him foods that do not contain sugar Kmaxbat to taste. Child likes fruit juice even if no salt added to any sugar. When it is advisable to give him fruit juice diluted with cold water boiled in advance.
Eating sugars and drinks that contain sugar Bmad high exposure baby teeth to decay.
Choose most of the foods to your child from the bottom of the food pyramid and Cut down completely from the food at the top of the food pyramid.

Drinking from the bottle:
Do not give your child any drinks containing sugars, especially when the completion of 6 months. Udi your child not to sleep and the bottle in his mouth, use of the bottle is to drink only, do not use Xkath.

Teething pains:
Do a technology that helps to relieve the pain of teething, some of these ideas.

Sucking fingers:
Sucking fingers or pressure it may cause changes in the shape of the teeth, so you should accustom small since birth not to put his hand in his mouth, and easy to accustom him not to suck his finger, but with the lack of continuity and prevent him from despair.
Usually sucking fingers usually disappear after four years, but it is best addressed youngster to protect his teeth.

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