Quarrel among children contributes to building their characters correctly!


The brawl children is the behavior of the children among themselves to prove self-control, may turn into a brawl children of a problem and a way to treat and teach new experiences for children. And parents can take advantage of the opportunity to fight children are directed at children that opportunity to the issue of the necessity of respect for others and good to deal with them.

He says educational expert, Stefan Karl, in Hvirth German: "quarrel in itself is not a bad thing at all, but on the contrary, it has great importance in the development of the child's personality, where the child can by entering into conflicts with others to learn how to express their needs and desires, as well as how to triumph over others. "

According Esfinaa to Ongh, winning a diploma in psychology, to the importance of the quarrel in the formation of the child's personality, saying: "contributes to a child's learning how to manage the squabbling, which waged with others in the upbringing of Social dramatically, therefore, did not learn that in his childhood, difficult to grapple with any quarrel in the community thereafter; where he faces a problem in the merger within the community as well as to prove itself. "

The expert recommends educational Gabi Olthov from the German city of Kassel necessity that this person is trying to remain calm as much as possible, even if his temper had gone out of control because of the fracas, which lasted for a long time in front of him. She adds: "You must be a person who intervenes to resolve the dispute between the two children of certain features, in order to allow him to arbitration between them soundly, as well as for children in order to convey a positive culture in this regard."

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