In order to sleep better


When the baby grows up a bit and learn to crawl and move his sleep and less busy than its parent Vieigaha work throughout the day, and sometimes sleeps small longer periods during the day, causing his mother to stay up late at night, Aliki some solutions and tips from the experiences of mothers or previous studies:

Little needs to nap throughout the day so try to identify certain times to sleep so that was not nap time before you sleep at night shortly. Nap time somewhere between half an hour to an hour only a quarter.

Little needs to nap two or three times throughout the day and no more.

Make your siesta always in the morning and do not get him to sleep at night but sleep time or shortly before.

Make your heavier meal for your child at night, these tips and experiences from previous mothers.

FreeBSD has all the amenities of a meal saturation and change Hfadth and put it in a comfortable bed and warm Bages feel the same warmth that Tmanhah him when he sleeps between Dhiraiki.

Avoid your child sleep time noise and loud sounds, a child feels when those around him sober asleep or awake, which affects the desire to sleep.

Taking a shower at night and playing in the water causes the relaxation of the small and the desire to sleep for longer periods
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