How to keep your child's safety in playgrounds?


The doctors there are many positives to spend the children's time in playgrounds parks or lounges closed, but there are risks are inevitable, and can only reduce these risks through the use of equipment is well designed, and teach children the ways and manners used to take into account the safety standards first . The main recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics Child safety in playgrounds, are:

• You must play in the age of the children less than 5 years in their own space, separate from the older children.

Make sure there is sand or wood chips or rubber mat under the swings and playing on the floor galleries. This should be a deep surfaces appropriate degree so that they form a barrier for concrete or asphalt, because falling on hard surfaces, even from high-centimeter could hurt the head.

wooden surfaces of the games themselves should be made of wood suitable for different weather conditions, and be sure to heat the metal if the games were made ​​of metal materials, so as not to be hot when the child plays out.

Games should be subject to periodic inspection, and that the parents Btfqdha, especially if they contain loose joints or chains or hooks or sharp edges or rusty nails, because such things could suspend in baby clothes and cause accidents.

Do not allow the participation of two swing designed to use one child, and that children between the ages of 3 and 5 years for them swing, especially, should not be allowed to swing with the biggest kid of them.

• "trampoline" a source of fun for kids, but 100 thousand children are exposed to injury during play them in the United States annually. These injuries include fractures, sprains and head injuries, neck and spinal cord and bruises. Must be jumped through parental supervision of the child on a trampoline, whether inside the house or in the house of one of the relatives and friends or in the gym.

should not allow children to climb on the ladder Baltdaf slopes, or any of the similar games. BJP and verify that the surface of the swing is not heated by the sun, and requires the use of climbing equipment that are available in some of the lounges to parental supervision with a supervisor.

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