How to behave when you watch your baby in the bathroom?


Says one of the mothers, my son saw me in the bathroom while I got my daily erythema, and then began to increase his questions, or take it Ozgerh Is it normal? Where floated Madam question to the psychologist, Mohammed Sadiq, who replied that it was very wrong to enter the child with his mother or his father's bathroom on the pretext that the installation of the human body is one, and strange that the mother responds to her child while showing his desire to go to the bathroom with them; because he cries when you leave alone abroad.

The main reason for this is not his disposal he needs to stay with her, but his fear of staying alone in the outside, it must reassure the mother and left with nothing holds, as a TV show or game. And this situation says that honest mother to put the following points in mind:

seeing the child for a parent in the bathroom naked if they met rough; will leave the cast quick questions and a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what to hide Me and my parents.

Some parents believe that their backs naked in front of young children helps in the formation of the Sui and realistic feeling for the human body, but this is not true at all.

seeing the bodies of adults born with a small desire to touch and discovery, and fondling of the body, particularly the genitals.

Mother refused to enter the bathroom with her ​​child knows the meaning of privacy and respect.

After learning of the child to the toilet alone «at the age of almost two years» have learned the functions of the human body, and no longer need the guidance of the mother.

Members must be named a spade in the event of a question from a member of a sensitive child in the mother's body, and not censured and explain his job easily and without ambiguity.
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