How hygienic habits your child wrong?


A set of bad habits carried out by the children during the first years of their lives, so it should be changed at an early age to keep your child's health in the future, and these bad habits carried out by children, and highlighted tips for the mother to modify these behaviors:

watch TV for a long time or play on the computer for long hours: spend a long time in front of the TV or playing on the computer or a lengthy distraction one of gaming factors adversely affect the mental health of the child. Limit the time for your child to do these things after the completion of the review of lessons.

• Do not go to the bathroom: during play, you may neglect some of the children go to the bathroom, which could cause them to infections in the urine and other health problems. Here your task requires a reminder of the child need to go to the bathroom all the time, especially during playing games or watching TV.

refusal to drink milk morning: hates many children drink a glass of milk in the morning, but that milk is necessary and useful to them. Hey, you can Zahrtna Add chocolate to milk or buy a new cup for your child to drink milk or milk to provide your child with cornflakes, which encourage him to this kind of health drink is full of calcium and essential nutrients him.

eating candy and junk food and soft drinks in abundance: the sugar available in this type of foods cause Tsusa the teeth of the child. The fast food contains a very high amount of fat, causing a significant increase in the weight of the child and offer it for diabetes and heart disease in the future.

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