Important guidance for parents to help their child shy


The shame is common in childhood, but some parents are interested in this subject in particular, as some children become shy as a result of the harsh life experiences, but most of them go through a stage shyness naturally.

And requires interaction with peers to a range of skills and methods of interaction, where parents should help their children to develop these skills, and be a role model for children in building relationships, and that they speak with their children and the transfer of expertise.

Among the most important instructions and tips to help the shy child, Follow the following:

• Dealing with change and transitions.
• Dealing failure and frustration.
Anger Management.
• Use humor.
forgiveness, and apologize when wrong.
thinking about the fun things that can be done.
self-expression, and keeping secrets.
• Participate.
• Give compliments.
• Dealing with the loss.
ask for help when needed, in addition to helping others.

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