What are the methods that protect children from the daily deluge of stimuli?


Young children are exposed in the current time to the noisy atmosphere and a flood of stimuli; ​​where watching films to break the boredom during the car ride with parents and watching television during dinner and listen to stories and tales on the radio before going to sleep, as published by the German news agency.

In the case of children accustomed to these stimuli, they will want later in the performance of certain tasks in such a climate, such as homework.

Recommends Ulrich changed, President of the Conference of the Federal Nannies (bke) in Fort southern Germany, parents that initiate early in protecting their children from a flood of stimuli which drown their daily lives, where stresses changed, who has a diploma in psychology, the importance of this by saying: "Protection children from the daily deluge of stimuli become one of the most important tasks of educational moment. "

As a first step to cope with the flood of stimuli can evacuate the room for parents of children playing redundant, and delete other possibilities as much as possible of the dates of the weekly agenda for children, thus leaving the children free time should not be filled with anything.
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