How do I make my child respects the time and dates?


In a situation where your child is late for an appointment lessons, dinner or other deadlines, the role is important now because the time will be one of the most important factors that will control the life of your child and function in the future, and should be here teaching the importance of punctuality before they grow up and things get out then control. But how are doing that which is still small? Here are some tips that are easy to apply:

     Speak with your child in a quiet place and tell him you've noticed came from behind several times for specific dates and times and Oalmah that time is important and that the act is such a lack of respect for others and makes him unworthy of a child responsibility.

     Make sure that your child knows how to set the time on his watch because the lack of knowledge that may be the reason for the delay. Although not used an hour it is useful to be a birthday gift holiday beautiful hour pay to put it on his hand and use.

     Put the penalties for the delay, but the warning national advance that any delay will be the result of the death as non-specific, for example, watching TV, or not being able to play with his friends.

     Being a good example that you do your child any Siktda Commit to deadlines and times Thddenha you are behind him, for example, such as not taking him out of school for at the end of working hours.

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