When you say to your child the word "no"?


When the mother says to her child the word "no", it is to develop his feelings of hatred and make it revels in the future, especially if you Tervdin requests your child always say it does not, it will feel that the world around him negative, has proved a number of research that the mother when she says to her child the word "no "so much the language skills will not be the quality of the skills of the child who hears from his mother in cash or reasons for rejecting his request that in addition to the word" no "if you use too much you will not have the benefit of some of the children starts where ignoring the word.

The experts advise you to always keep the word "no" to dangerous situations, and use in other situations the way the explanation, any Explain to your child why you refuse his request, using short sentences and specific, that is, if he was playing with food Odha him why he did not throw a health food. But if he plays the ball inside the house and rather than tell him you can not play the ball inside the house, and you can give it a choice between playing the ball inside the house or in the garden. And remember to give your child the option would make him feel that he controlled it in a bit, taking into account that such behavior encourages children between one and three years to make simple decisions.

The child insists on it sometimes, especially if the determination is strong, so he may continue to harass you until you say yes to his request and compromise with the situation in mind that if your child is a reasonable request must have a willingness to negotiate. So, Connie flexible and ready to change your decision only if the reasons for the child with a convincing explanation that his stubbornness is not a reason to change the decision.

And my expectation that your child starts by saying "no" and this does not mean that this rebellion against your authority but acted normal part of a child who begins to feel their independence, and we recommend that you should use laughter to discipline your child when it is nervous and stubborn, a child likes to laugh, which may make it collaborator with you more.

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