What are the factors that affect the construction of psychological behavior of the child?


Dr. Khalid Hirasawa, a professor of pediatrics at the National Center for Research, to the four most important external influences negatively affect the construction of the child's personality and psychological behavior, namely:

     Temperature: not only improves motorists to use seat belt in the car because of the narrow temperature, using the machine as much alarm at the high temperature in the summer air.

     Understatements and neglect: when darkness hangs over a lot of people exhibits attitude betrays the ethics of hustle, which are Barabdh and chaos and incitement.

     Revenge and frustration: Sometimes when someone fails in the hope of achieving it becomes aggressive, it has been scientifically proven that certain crimes may occur due to insult someone, or contempt, or degrade his dignity in front of a crowd of people, then it threatens the future starts with the person to take revenge for his dignity.

     Media Violence: There is a positive link between watching violent and aggressive behavior in people, taking into account the situation of class for someone who watches these programs. Normally, the rate increases to commit crimes after watching a violent match in boxing.
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