Food your child at the age of 8-12 months


At this stage, became the little more mature and can use a spoon easily and swallow food more easily and need for food properly, which helps him to grow properly, especially as this stage that grows out of his teeth and learning to walk, and these basic things that must be addressed throughout the day

Mother's milk or the milk industry: Of course, the child still needs to breastfeed until they are two, but this alone is not enough for growth in this period should be added other things to help him grow.

One-third cup of scalded milk products, cheese and yogurt, but avoid cow's milk until they are completely Year

Half a cup of fruit in the form of cubes or mashed.

Half a cup of vegetables such as zucchini and peas and tomatoes and Guessing

¼ cup components casseroles and Albahamilat, Ogelsé Meka on the table for lunch and Otamah than you eat.

¼ cup source of protein such as eggs, meat or ground chicken, fish, legumes, such as beans, beans Crush him to become like liquid or crusty feet and mashed

Boiled potatoes and rice, rice can be provided in the form of rice milk (infant milk) or with the addition of a little sugar in a blender and crushed the small, or by feeding him food on the table of the rice that you eat of it.

Half a cup of the foods that contain iron, such as wheat, oats, barley.

Atamah something new every three days until Tsttiei see if he was suffering from an allergy to this product or not.

Cut down on sugar as much as possible because the growth phase may cause the teeth to decay in the small
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