When the small feed itself


The first of the skills that are learned by the small rely on himself in drinking and food, and these first steps of your child learn that the idea of ​​self-reliance. In order to be a fun game at this stage, you should know the right time that you will begin the surveillance and help him, and you should know your role towards him and how to facilitate the process of education, here are some tips from the experiences of mothers and professionals some tips:

Once you have completed the small 8-10 months starts to pick up the little things and put it in his mouth like fingers sliced ​​potatoes and fruit and vegetables. Give him a cut of these foods in the hand even puts it in his mouth and Alagaha.

At the age between 15 to 18 months, he has become the ability to use a spoon, of course Pttaar food and can not keep the place clean, so you must create the appropriate atmosphere for him and the right tools.

National buying spoon customized rubber so as not to hurt his teeth while eating and not hurt him if they did not grow teeth after. There are also dishes that stick to the bottom of Mounddh Vtsaadh to eat without moving layer. There robe sold specifically for children for this stage of wearing sleeves forward even eating while maintaining his clothes clean.

Make your child depends on itself in dealing with things like a box to ensure light Alzbadi. Watch for your child while eating a fun game even if it had happened to him suffocation. Scientific not put large amounts in his mouth at the same time.

Give him a cup of CSS Ojaram from drinking even learn without wasting a lot of drink and Racbah so as not to shine.
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