The effect of sea water on the hair

The effect of sea water on the hair very harmful and feel so accustomed to swimming in the sea without a head cover (Bonnet), when it dries sea water on the hair consists of a hair brine center and increase its focus gradually whenever it dries more with exposure to the sun and without rinse very good fresh water and the greater the concentration of salts and deposition on the hair, which severely hurt the hair and helps to make it easy to brittleness and breakage.

And are therefore advised to protect hair from seawater using a hair cap allocated to it and advise the continuing care of hair using shampoo and conditioner appropriate for the type of hair

We recommend those who suffer from hair overwrought or canteen and very dry using Nutricerat shampoo / emulsion / mask
The greasy hair Argeal shampoo

مشاركة الموضوع على منصات التواصل الاجتماعى
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