My child uttered insults and bad words


May hear children verbally abusive somewhat of an older brother or even from his family as a "slip of the tongue", and usually does not know the child that these words are "bad", it is repeating what he hears, and if caught the word attention either encouraged or rejection, it means that he does something true, and will happen again to draw your attention again.

For the mothers, you can Tmanaa your child to acquire the bad words and redo directed attention to the cross-Olvazk Words bad might come out of you and you're angry. Avoid also be watching your child on TV programs or verbally or bad dialogues.

In addition to the above, do not CALIBRATION plus attention to your child when he utters the rude bad, but tell him it a bad word without Tnfla and quietly, try to understand him that those words offend and grieve others.

But do not Tnotai child as "bad kid" If spoke bad words should speak Explanation that your child is not bad, not sequential and scream in his face, it will make it focuses more on those bad word, I give him an alternative word used. Amidha words and good deeds carried out by the child, is not required to overdo it in also, Valaptsamp or say "This is a nice thing," sufficient, and it will teach the right way, and that what he is doing or saying and even encouraged and applauded you.

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اذا كنت لا تملك حساب على بلوجر قم بإختيار التعليق باسم " مجهول " , مزيد من المعلومات من هنا

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