How are making your child the owner of an independent person?


While develops motor development and cognitive child and up to the stage from which it is ready for independence and rely on himself in a lot of things, where stem importance to accustom the child to rely on himself, from the fact that it relieves you the burden of getting things done to him, and makes him an independent person, which will benefit him in his career when they grow up, and gives him more self-confidence, and there are some tips to help your child independence, including:

- Help a young child to rely on the same time eating, by trying to give him a spoon to feed himself out. Perhaps you will find that it seems chaotic at first, the food was scattered around it, but get used to it with time.

- Note balance of the child, and if his grandmother had begun keeping a good balance, how scientific wearing different clothes cut. And make it in the form of a game or a race between you and him, in order to feel pleasure, which leads these things.

- Stay fully aware of the capabilities of your child, and being realistic, but Do not look to him as a helpless babe.

- The time of enrollment of the child in school, try to accustom him from the outset on the performance of his duties alone, and stay away from his office as much as possible.

There are some necessary steps to teach your child independence, including:
• Determine a schedule of tasks, and rewarded when it is committed.
• Minimizing help him gradually.
guidance to what should be done, rather than help.
devise ways are making your child feel that he accomplished something important.
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