How Tsaeidin your child to express his feelings?


In case you think that skin contact and hugs and kisses and hugs given by the mother and father of the child is sufficient to establish a bond between you and him, it should be remembered that in the next stage of the stages of childhood you will have to try to communicate with him, and that this process should be a continuous and conscious.

It is noteworthy that a young child needs to communicate with his mother and father after that can walk and talk more than ever. The process of growth of the child issue enjoyable, confusing, and frustrating sometimes, where the child knows the world every minute, and be exposed to new feelings on an ongoing basis, so it needs to help parents deal with this mixture of feelings.

The faces of children, like adults, feelings of disappointment, rejection, envy, happiness, love, anger, and dissatisfaction within the mixture is greater than the feelings and sensations, and in any case seen the child to his parents and needs them guidance, as it receives them care, nutrition, and care for his physical.

The parents help the youngster on the discharge power generated by feelings inside, every feeling leads to the imprisonment of energy, may lead suppressed emotions to aggressive behavior, or feeling alienated, or depression or other negative emotions, and falling child at a loss if he could not discharge power and turned to repressed feelings, so parents help him to express himself in ways that a healthy and varied.

If you see your child being angry or upset or sad as a result of losing a match or compete with a friend, you need to start a conversation with him, and you have to choose words well, instead of asking him, "Why are you sad or angry," Tell him: You seem sad Do you want to talk to me about this subject? .. May not be welcome after the child to grow up a little bit hugged and kissed many, but you can maintain the nice touches, and the Pats, and the physical warmth that conveys feelings of tenderness.

It is the mistakes that parents bribe the child in order to be happy, This is the worst way to deal with the child's feelings or situation which it enters. You have to help the child access to the essence of the experience, and are trained to speak and express himself, because the recognition of emotions, and Balahzan part of life.

On the other hand the parents respect the space of the child, if he wants to be by himself for a brief period to assist parents, and respect for privacy, and this will affect a lot of respect for his character and self-confidence. And establish such details to a strong bond between the child and the parents, so the child learns they are a source of self-confidence, and are trained to express himself and not to suppress his emotions, or not denied and ignored.

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