Game Birds Lingerie reduce the capacities of the child verbal


Affect video games such as "Angry Birds" or "Angry Birds" and other games on mobile devices such as telephones, computers, smart tablet negatively on children's verbal abilities and slow down the development of the vocabulary they have.

Experts warn of pediatrics from the use of children under the age of three for smartphones or tablet devices, because they weaken their language abilities compared to their counterparts who do not use these smart devices. The study indicated that 60% of parents polled have false beliefs, they consider that to play on the touch devices help their young to learn and acquire language skills and growth of their mental abilities and verbal as well.

Said study author Dr. Ruth Malanik Center Cohen Children's Medical in New York it something remarkable for the attention that replaces the parent paper books and children's games traditional smartphones and video game consoles, handheld and home, thinking that it is more beneficial to the child, reportedly at the site of the Daily Mail of Britain.

The study, conducted tests on a number of children, found that the group that plays video games such as "Angry Birds" and the game of chopping fruit "Fruit Ninja" recorded ratings less than those who did not focus on such games.

The study also showed that they did not record notable differences between the children who used smart devices for the exercise of educational games and their counterparts who did not use them for this purpose.

Malanik noted that technology and modern electronic devices will not be solved completely replace the interaction of parents with their children, pointing to the parents of children Babysitting cultivate language skills and verbal abilities more than they imagined compared tactile devices.

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