Why the child sucks his thumb and how to get rid of them

Is usually thumb-sucking habits in children reprehensible that haunt parents so much. The German educational expert Ulrich changed that a child often resort to this habit in search of calm and relaxation and to protect itself from external stimuli annoying.

He changed because there is no general rule for stage age which remains which usually thumb-sucking is normal, adding: "differs dentists and therapists psychologists in the evaluation of this matter; where deemed dentists usually unhealthy for the teeth and the process of snapping jaws of the child, while believed Therapists psychologists that this habit does not represent any problem during the first years of a child's life. "

He warned parents changed from the use of violence in their attempt to rid the child of this habit reprehensible, reasoned that by saying: "Violence will not help with the baby." The educational expert German it is better to try to parents access to the reason to follow the child to the habit of the foundation, explaining: "If you show parents that the child follows this behavior as a result of feeling unwell, for example, they should then be entered to bed, in order to obtain a measure of comfort" .
If it turns out to parents that the child sucks his finger in search of kindness and compassion, it must provide him through incubation. "For older children changed stressed the need for parents to discuss this matter with them clearly, so that, for example, agreed to allow them to do this during the period of the habit to sleep only.

He continued educational expert, said: "If the child is the only one who suffers from this habit among his peers in kindergarten and faced ridicule as a result, it should be on the parents then take action to face it; where there are many ways to help in the boot of the child the habit such as placing the mustard or any liquids once thumb has. "
In the absence of the feasibility of any of these means, or if the child sucks his finger on some so severe that it caused injury to the top of the soles of his mouth were injured, then he must be searching for a way as a show of immediate assistance to a child consultation centers or educational psychologists.

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