What is the secret behind your child Bdmith link?

It is noticeable in our daily lives that many children can not afford to give up the doll of their own, and that through their food and play, and even when they sleep, but what the secret that lies behind the interest in children's Bdmithm?, And to identify this mystery; followers with us the following points:

The child's doll that silenced the secrets of the perfect, they are: know everything about him, his puppet tells the child all his adventures, and he knows that they can not tell anyone.

Do not get angry at all: the boy prefers to play with his puppet because it does not offend him, as it sometimes gets angry parents.

Twins considered him flooded even sleeps, takes it with him wherever he goes, treats her as his family treats him, his twin sister becomes a doll.

loved as they are: considers his favorite, because it is deemed complete, he likes to color, her hair, her clothes, or even a name for it is friendly, in line with them at all times.

It listen to him: the child feels that the doll responds with him, hear him and console him.

Doll supported and protected: when he feels lonely, the boy is a doll that will be backed up, in case his parents were busy with him, he knows that his puppet will always be at his side. Doll or girlfriend fictional game for your child, so do not worry, it is natural that relates your son and update.
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