What are the main behaviors that the child should be banned?

Demanded psychological study Czech should not allow children to carry out actions that will sour build a balanced personality, ethical and sound to them, as some of these behaviors can to be seen as a simple and non-essential but in fact they are considered articulated for the personal future of the child. The study, prepared by the Institute of Mental Health in Prague to be the most important of these behaviors that parents should not allow children to do is:
County of others during the talk: study indicates that the habits of children reporting what they want to say quickly or question about something they care about and that are quick to boycott the parents when they speak with other people in this situation should make clear to children that it is vital to respect the rules of human communication and therefore, when the someone should let him speak to do so and then respond to it, not a boycott. The study warned that if parents let them kid violating this rule, the child quickly get used to that as soon as he can raise his voice to get the attention of others to him.

The study recommended that parents repeat the ears of their children repeatedly that he spoke in case someone else should boycott and not to wait until you're done and then talk later in this area must abide firmness and repeat it to the child in order to get used to it.

act rude towards friends: It is clear that it will not be Misra when should parents resolve the argument lies between their child and other children in the space to play in a public place is that it is required of them to do so and also not to ignore the exercise by the child aggressive towards friends and comrades of his, particularly including verbal assaults. The study emphasizes that the parents are the ones who draw the borders of the actions of the child by giving the impression clearly to him that his behavior, which has done poorly because failure to do so makes the child does this matter in other aspects of his life and therefore his life will be in the future replete with problems and conflicts with others.

And the study stressed the need for the exercise of packets in case the child acted aggressively or do other actions are unacceptable and that through him away from the group that plays with so aware that such actions are unacceptable and are tolerated.

unwillingness shared: Some might think that the unwillingness of the child to share his toys with others is one of the natural characteristics of the children should not concern them is that he must believe that parents should be aware that the child begins to play spaces public for children to gain social customs and accept the rules of social and thus behave in the event of non-recurrence of the parents upon the information and guidance that it is necessary to share the games with the children, the child thinks that his behavior of not wanting to share things with him that is true of others and allows him.

The study called for the parents in this area by repeating the explanation for the children in case they did not want to lend some play for others it will not be able to borrow the games that also have other children and mostly understands and accommodates the child very quickly causes, consequences and act accordingly.

Fraud: Some parents in good faith that the children practice deception and fraud belongs to the age of innocence in children and that it is not the core issues but actually, this is linked to the work rules that must be on the child adhered later and thus In the case of tolerance with a child who has fraud and deceive others or deceive the parents, the future is not going to depend on the small things, but would apply to fundamental issues and all things considered that it would be appropriate to dispose of them in this way.

It should be the parents here have to deal with the subject of exercise by the child of lying and fraud directly and through alert the child that they know he practiced fraud and that they would not tolerate in this regard and to force him to say aloud what is the reality of things as it is necessary to be aware of the child what is the difference between truth and lying, as it is necessary to stress to him that lying is bad and can not allow him to its exercise.

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