What are the causes of shyness in children

Often shy child afraid of everything. It is always expected incidence of hazards, even though they actually spoke to him before. It is also from the psychological point, suffering from a loss of self-confidence and abilities. It may be a shame for several reasons:

hereditary: Some researchers believe that this behavior, which is described excess sensitivity toward the ocean, but what is the natural result of the genetic map, formed when the child before birth and coming to life.

acquired: You may find some children behave naturally in the early stages of childhood. Then what Albthon to show a sudden change in their behavior. Shyness becomes a means spontaneous pursued by the child, to cope with the negative experiences confusing passed them and inside them created feelings of fear and anticipation permanent.

identification: As we know, the mother and father are the foundation of a child's upbringing and evaluating its behavior. It may be not surprising when you see a kid trying to imitate one of his parents, who suffers from the problem of shyness. This identification and be a good thing for him, may find it difficult to convince him otherwise later, the fact that the child sees the parents that they are the example that should be emulated.

Education harsh: The method of education pursued by some strict while dealing with their children, is one of the reasons why the child to fear and shame, because it limits the ability to express and act spontaneously. The child is then forced to obey orders and not be discussed in order to satisfy his family, which creates has a case of phobias, which, consequently, to withdraw its relationship to all people.

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