TV playback weakens the child's focus in its activities

A number of researchers Americans should not keep a television in the operation mode, while the child's other tasks Kaltalm or even play, where it causes a negative impact on its focus, as published by the German news agency.

The German Association of Pediatricians and adolescents, the researchers the University of Iowa United States demanded that parents need to ensure the closure of the TV, as long as the child does not watch, with a commitment not to watch only the quality of programs appropriate for him, after he reached the conclusion that child watch programs devoid of educational values can cause weakening of cognitive development has.

For its part, confirmed a professor at the University of Iowa Deborah Weinberger that the child learns from everything watch, "So, play the content of programs watched by a decisive role in its composition of knowledge." In order to do so, the researchers under the supervision of the Americans observing Weinberger family relations, and methods of education, and the use of mass media and children are affected by, in 1150 a family with children aged between two and eight years. To protect children from any negative effects of the media, it is preferable that provides parents an atmosphere filled with affection and tenderness.

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