Throw things when children usually you can change it

Practiced children in their early years, usually throw things because of their inability to control the easily obtainable and incomplete growth of their brains and their ability to absorb, and often completed this ability to have after the age of three.
The children throw things at some kind of fun, where testing through the growing abilities and explore the sounds that issued when the throw or break it, as well as things like this that will pay for his mother's screams or speak with him in earnest.
And the mother to know that the child's skills kinetic continue to grow during the second year and in general the throw things when children are considered sudden movements and reflect their innocence, and with time and enhance the child's ability to recognize places and trends will understand that puts the game and some things that are not subject to throw because they will break.
We can note that peeks on the child during rhythm to the magnitude, in this case does not mean only to draw attention and his desire to see the reaction from him, especially the mother, or in other words, tries to figure out the meaning of having power and prove its existence, and allowed him and banned him.
Throw things when children ... what do you do about it, Mother?
The throw things desire among children need to be satisfied, so we advise you madam to give them Mbba certain to throw, basket trash, for example, then teach it in a positive way and clear according to your word: "You can not throw it on the ground, but you can throw it in the basket," and you are then in the position of non-confrontation but the demarcation of the border.
Oalmah When can and when can not throw, Vcolk simply, "Do not throw" it will look a bit frustrating, especially if things are thrown See you sometimes.
Put in mind that if you notice your child to throw things in a way angry, and his anger Ajhia and tell him that he can shake the legs instead, Identify any emotions and give him the other way.
In the end, you do not Trsameen border arbitrary, but you also you can not forbid what is very natural to them.
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