Summary of wrinkles and signs of aging


What is the reason for the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging

-altjaaid It happens due to age and exposure to the sun ordination Valepeshrh inspected Btaatha flexibility so that when, for example, Ms. Putnam on Jmpeha skin Petrhl And then, what I do not Berdja Ptqom skin to its natural position Tani, over time Bazar form wrinkles on her body and her skin.

Ashan protect ourselves from the appearance of wrinkles and Naka?

Avoid the sun as much as possible and care to put cream and sunscreen-even at home and even at night because the light in the house who if from the sun or artificial Baother on the skin and the freshness.

Elaboration of moisturizers constantly

Elaboration of creams, anti-aging signs of the first age of 25.

- The use of lye deep face wash instead of soap, which causes dehydration and the skin loses its elasticity.

-and Blotting the towel, for example, prefer to dribble instead of itchiness Ashan prevent sagging skin.

Treat skin wrinkles?

A commitment to develop anti-creams for signs of advancing age

Possible to resort to surgical operations to flatten the face

Laser and Botox of the latest and surest ways
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