Storytelling positive help the child to tell the truth


Announced a recent Canadian study that tell stories and anecdotes positive for the child encourages him to be honest and tell the truth, while it was noted that the children were not affected by the negative stories which she faced the consequences of false false figures, as published by the German news agency.

The study included 268 children aged between three and seven years, where he read scientists have a different set of stories on the children involved, then they then assign a task which was available for the child to cheat during, or committed to the truth. Then show that children who listened to the stories of Positive figures were the most honest words of truth, as stated on the truth about increasing at a rate three times higher than other children who listened to the stories of the other.

The researchers concluded that it would be better to motivate a child to tell the truth through stories that explores the consequences of the sincerity of the positive and not the negative consequences of a lie, since the positive stories more effective in encouraging the child to tell the truth.
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