Phone damage to the health of your family

The mobile phone of the most common things and became in the hands of each person and may cause a lot of harm to the health of the carries if it is used the wrong way, and to avoid damage to the phone we gave you tips from Hai Mama:

First damages to your health:
Affects the social life in people as it is when meeting a group of people in one place, you will find a lot of them Anazlon and onlookers to the phone and play it, especially smart phones. People prefer to enter the chat as well as audio or interviews to talk face to face to inquire about anything or reassurance to people close.
Cause nervous tension as a result of hearing the ringtones mobile to call or alarm clock or a reminder of what makes a person most of the time on his temper.
Phone screen that is constantly agitated fingering without maintaining cleanliness may be the reason for the transfer of bacteria from one person to another, and it is required to maintain the cleanliness of the screen as much as possible.
May result in pain in the joints as a result of injury to move quickly to write messages.
Affects to consider as a result of the consideration of the screen is much smaller than a computer screen, which requires a lot of concentration.
May be the cause of helping in the incidence of brain tumors.

How to avoid damage to the phone:
Put the phone aside or even out of sight and talk with those around you.
Not be relied upon in everything from alarm and memo and entertainment.
Avoid seen for long periods, only for a few minutes as needed.
Do not put the phone next to the head during sleep, you should put it on after the meter at least.
Close the phone during sleep or put it on the plane Mudd.
Use headphones to talk over the phone and not put it on the ear is absolute.
Avoid talking on the phone when he performs during shipping or shipped.
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