My child is afraid .. how much I help him to get rid of this node?


You may feel at times that your child is more afraid of other relatives and friends, and sometimes notice that he was suffering from pains in the abdomen always before going to school or has a reluctance to play with friends.

And refers specialists in child-rearing that this kind of fear needs to be Taatnnbha him before he develops and turns into a problem in personal or in self-confidence or even be exacerbated because of the child and turns into a human being introverted.

It is worth mentioning that the parents, who do not inspire a sense of self-confidence of their child by criticizing him in an exaggerated manner or demanding the completion of tasks is greater than his abilities or through treated badly in general, cause this injury to their child's concerns and sometimes "social phobia"; where lead this way of dealing to decline child's sense of the value of the same, the amount paid for the convergence and avoid communicating with others.

  The child acquires these concerns and exacerbated if did not have to overcome the fear of communicating with others Vtaaiqa from exercising his life normally. This may be the reason for the fear of communication is the fear of ridicule others and prejudices of them represents the most common concerns that inspire children with social Balvobaa.

Even parents can help their child shy of dealing with others, recommended therapists and psychologists patience to deal with the child's iPod as much as possible, and that the parents understand their child's fears and try to encourage them to address these attitudes and accompany him through as much as possible.

  But if the child's fears are very large parents were not able to deal with it and overcome it, then be advised to consult a psychotherapist, but must exclude child injury troubles membership first. And if it is verified that the physical condition of the child is fine, can then be subjected to behavioral therapy or psychotherapy deep to help him overcome his fears. The child's education is through behavioral therapy how to overcome shyness and face his fears, as well as how to deal with the reactions of others.

Recent studies have also found an improvement with a clear 80% of the cases concerns. They are feelings that can disappear through constantly evaluating behavior and promote self-confidence and build a positive atmosphere in which the child and others receive encouragement from them. It must in this case to talk to the parameters of the child, and ask them to support the school and the encouragement and reward for his participation in the classroom and play. The role of the school is fully consistent and complementary role of the family in this case.

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