Is increased aggressiveness of the child caused by high levels of lead?


A recent study revealed was which examined 1,300 Chinese children in preschool, and a link between high levels of lead in the blood of children and between behavioral and emotional problems such as depression and aggressiveness, along with what is known about high levels of lead from causing the low intelligence of the child.

According to Dr. Liu Jianjun from the College of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania: "Young children are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead, because it can affect the evolution of the nerves of the child."

The research is published in the journal "gamma Pediatrics," and said its findings that the levels of lead in the blood of Chinese children rises with the child's progress in age, which is the antithesis of what is happening in the United States, where rising LACK be the age of the child between two and three years, and then declining.

There is lead naturally in the environment as a result of human exposure to contamination due to mining, or the burning of fossil fuels, or as a result of manufacturing, or exposure to paint and pipe welding, or as a result of living in old houses. Said Professor Kimberly Gray Director of Health at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which funded the research: "Evidence is mounting that there is no safe level of lead, it is important to continue studies to know and understand the behavioral changes short and long term, to which children because of lead."

Scale is used in the United States to determine the top level of the usual lead in the blood of a child, is 5 micrograms per deciliter of blood. The reports estimate that American health more than half a million children in the United States between the ages of 1 and 5 years rate increases have lead to this ratio. The study found that Chinese children examined in 1300 that the average level of lead in their blood is 6.4 micrograms per deciliter. Showed children with high lead levels prone to behavioral problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as other behavioral problems such as aggressive behavior toward others.

It is worth mentioning that a study published in 2011 had shown that children in the developing world who live near factories and recycling batteries have lead levels higher than in the possession of American children to 13-fold.
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