Is hair cut makes it heavier

Thought a lot of girls and women that when infected hair becomes weak and light it needs to grow even to cut again and it becomes heavier, but this is a misconception, Valchaara just need time to grow up healthy if it has been taken care of properly. May need to cut the hair only to parties that if Dqgueta considering every few months on the outskirts of hair may Tgdenh canteen of the parties and therefore needs to cut several millimeters of Alotarv. Hair grows at a rate of 1 cm in the hair and therefore needs several months to grow healthy hair again and shows him as a result of the treatment and a healthy growth.
Hey Mama advised the team examined the hair to determine the cause of hair loss, and if the hair is falling out from the roots, it is mostly a result of iron deficiency and if Atqcef Vdleil on zinc deficiency and therefore must make sure to get proper nutrition for healthy hair. This is in addition to the dimension of tension and anxiety in the understanding of two basic reasons of hair loss
Hay also advised the team Mama avoid some bad habits such as combing hair is wet, or wear the hijab after a shower. National using a wide tooth wooden comb. Non-fat oils hair before going out in the sun, even with wearing the hijab headscarf.

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