Is depression affects children as well?


He specialist child psychiatry German Ingo von Hpetsuk Brzezinski that depression is not limited to adults only, but can also affect children, according to published German news agency.

He said Brzezinski, a member of the German Association of Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Medicine Alnevsgesda, that depression can affect children in pre-primary enrollment and which, while increasing incidence clearly in adolescence.

The German physician that the loss of motivation and poor mood and the fear of taking on new tasks and the future in general is the most characteristic symptoms of depression among children in all age groups, pointing out that he usually loses the child is also a desire to communicate with others and always wants to isolation and stay at home .

There are some symptoms of each stage of age, for example, young children often prefer to stay close to their mothers at risk for heart depressant, while suffering often older children in the kindergarten of pain in the head and abdomen and are reluctant to participate in any group activities. As for the students in the school stage, appears to have bouts of depression often decline in their performance and their level of study.

As for the symptoms of depression in teenagers, they usually appear in disorders to sleep soundly and where, as well as loss of appetite and weight loss with mood swings throughout the day, which are often in the worst forms in the morning.

And falls all of the loss of moods and prone to fluctuations in mood always as well as alcohol and drug abuse within the characteristic symptoms of depression in adolescence, with the knowledge that usually lacks teenager at this time for any future visions and down at the same time he felt the value of the same, and may even be to the point of thinking in suicide.

For his part, stressed the specialist child psychiatry Brzezinski on the need to display the child to a psychiatrist who specializes in Note one of these symptoms, especially if they continue to have for more than two weeks, adding that the doctor usually starts the verification of the absence of an organic cause for these symptoms before embarking on subjecting the child psychotherapy.
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