Is aggressive child inherited from the mother and father


Revealed a Canadian study that modern genetic factors influences responsible for the development of aggressive behavior in young children, as researchers at the University of Montreal, Canada checked their growth path 667 twins bilateral and unilateral egg, as well as the path of aggressive behavior have also participated mothers also in evaluating the aggressive behavior of their children Kaled or kicking in ages, estimated at 20, 32 and 50 months.

The study comes to contradict what was common during the past decades that the environment surrounding children and the means of media represent the main factor causing the development of aggressive behavior has, indicated this study suggests that genetic factors could represent an essential part in this happening also in addition to the environment surrounding the child of his family and friends.

This does not mean that this study represents an excuse for children who engage in aggressive behavior toward others, and they beat them; Because long-term studies have shown that the role of genetic factors of this decline significantly after the end of childhood; where the child learns with the passage of time other avenues of expression rather than aggressive

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