In any year may be the child's acquisition of a smart phone?


Confirmed the German initiative "Watch what your kids are doing Balmedia" it is not permissible that he possessed child a smart phone of its own, but at the age of 12 years, in order to be mature enough allowed to use such devices, stressing the need not to be allowed for children up to 13 years of use for more than an hour a day.

But warned the initiative at the same time to prevent children from using these phones are absolutely, stressing that it is better to allow the parents to their child can be used under the care and control, so that parents know what child is doing these phones, as well as persons who continue with them through it.

Loki is the use of these phones properly, the German Initiative recommended parents need to deal with their child on the specific rules for the use of these phones and activate the security settings as well as by installing custom programs to protect children and young people on them.

Because it usually regards children and young people using these phones to the point that they do not want to leave them all the time, what may adversely affect family relationships and academic achievement; therefore recommended German initiative parents need to identify certain times may not, during which the child's use of these phones.

She explained that this initiative should come times on her head, for example, periods of eating with the family, as well as periods perform homework, stressing that it should not be a substitute to communicate via phone for activities shared family or meet friends.

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