Important steps to confront your child His voice higher


Children may speak loudly in the habit, so much so that we hear the voice of Saaham and shouting before our eyes see them, where a doctor attributed the disease conversational German Otcisa Paula Quincke to the lack of awareness of the child for how to control the level of intensity of his voice, as published by the German news agency.

In the case noted parents high voice their child is remarkable, advising them to Quincke, a member of the German Association for the treatment of diseases conversational in Vrishn, trying to find the reason behind it, saying: "Parents should note positions, which rises through the voice of their child, in particular, if the notice that he does so when, for example, wishes to express his opinion among a group of children, or it does so because it does not allow him to speak. "

And rest assured the doctor that the German parents can limit this phenomenon with their child through the development of general rules within the family, as if everyone is committed, for example, with silence when he speaks of another person or speaks them all for just five minutes, warning of blaming the child to tell him, for example: "You speak louder very high! "Or denunciation of it by saying: "Why do so consistently?"; Where it will not bear fruit unless the child's refusal to implement these rules.

Instead, it confirmed a doctor diseases conversational German it is better to praise the parents of their child, when he speaks quietly, pointing out that they should monitor their child accurately to know the positions, which speaks during a quiet voice, as if to be preoccupied with, for example, playing or when he feels calm and psychological comfort ; then parents can help their child to speak quietly consistently through the provision of these positions him. Order to be able to train parents of a sense of control in the sound with their child, Osthm German doctor Quincke teach their child some simple exercises, such as if the child, for example, take a deep breath; where it helps to relax.

The Quincke that can train the child to use the different layers of sound through reading, explaining how to do so, saying: "Parents can speak loudly at times, and a low voice at times, and a voice whisper at times while reading to their child; then the child can learn how to adjust the layers his voice. "

And the usefulness of this exercise, says a doctor diseases conversational German: "the child learns that it is not necessarily that uses the shouting and the sound is always higher, in order to draw the attention of others to do, but there are other layers of sound that can help him with that."

On cases that require going to a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of communication, explained Quincke that parents should resort to it, if they noticed that their child is suffering from hoarseness for more than two weeks online, pointing out that he usually declares the child felt change the tone of his voice, his own that says to his parents, for example: "I feel Bbhh in my voice."

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