How Ttakchi habit of nail biting your child's

Many mothers suffer from some annoying habits that are difficult to handle and dispose of them in children, usually nail-biting, In this article, we give you a set of tips to get rid of this bad habit, namely:

Make sure to cut your child's fingernails and Tkulaimha from time to time. Do not allow your them to grow too much so as not to stimulate your child to increase his habit.

Try to develop environmentally friendly paint on nails your child, especially through opportunities and malfunctions that was female.

Put your baby gloves obscure the nails from his eyes.

Put a little salt solution on the fingers of your child. In some cases, this solution will be enough to prevent young children from biting their nails.

• Try as much as possible to keep your child busy activities enthralled occupy his mind and attention from the bad habit.

Sprinkle chili powder on the fingers of your child. But Beware of the powder granules not enter into little eyes.

If you want, try a fat little bitter castor oil on the fingers of your child. More likely to be effective upon impact!

awareness of your child's bad habit and Explain to him about his health complications, and others look to him.

• Try to make sure of the reasons why your child to bite his nails. Perhaps he is afraid and feels insecure and beg your intervention.

Teach your child not to attack his nails but loved and cared for her the best care.

Replace usually nail-biting bowl of crackers healthy snacks.

• Do not staggered child because of a bad habit, but try to convince him to give them gentle persuasion and kindness.

• When your child made ​​progress toward getting rid of usually biting his nails, Kavih for his efforts and Qdriha gifts and prizes.

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