How to help the child get rid of the fear in the darkness?


The problem of the fear of the dark when the children of the most troubling problems that parents always torn by questions and, as many of the mothers suffer from this problem with her ​​child, and to get rid of this node, followers with us the following tips:

Know your child's fear reservoirs: in most cases, children begin to test the feeling of fear of the dark by the breadth of the prospects of their imaginations. Feltsala what raises your child's fear. Though the reason was the presence of a scary thing inside the room, make sure to get rid of this thing. If the cause, a fantasy, Vasai to reassure your child and assure him that his room is completely safe, and you lose it through reservoirs and doors closed and well every night and use a lamp to a small following. But if your child is suffering phobias night, you will have to consult a doctor, perhaps advise feeding him a handful of crackers or snack similar to calm down before the magnificence of immortality to bed.

Get rid of the monsters: fear some children come out of darkness concern about the presence and scary monsters chasing them. If this is the case with your child, try learning to distinguish between friendly monsters and those frightening. Always read the stories, for example, has a catalog of monsters nice. Or try to evaluating action against the monsters that Trabh, either through losing the room every night or through performing dance silly faze monsters or through the use of a box small Thbsin where monsters and Tmanaan exit at night ... this you could try put a little water and lavender oil in a spray bottle used by your child under the bed and inside the Treasury and close windows to expel monsters. This way, Stchaara very comfortable and calm magnificence and the creation of immortality to bed.

Seek the help of guard: If not satisfied with your child to believe that the monsters that dread is real, seek help from your destination to dissolve the non-real dolls as a large animal-shaped strong position as a guard at the door of the room and the child that exists Oguenaa proximity to protect it from all evil and harm.

Oguenaa your child's presence in the darkness that might be fun: Try, for example, that I graduated from home, accompanied by the time your child is absent and Tfatta look beautiful way to solve the night gradually.

Put some lighting in the room: Sometimes, the solution may be very simple and does not require more than a small lamp and some bright stars on the walls. In the end, regardless of the way they've chosen to deal with your child's fears, invited the latter knew that you and his father always exist to protect Tdaa will not get him any harm.

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