How to deal with hyperactivity when your child?

It is possible for the activities carried out by the infected child congestive attention hyperactivity (ADHD) after a long day at school or during the weekend, that gives him the opportunity to enhance self-confidence and energy for venting additional Blazing out. While considered martial arts of the most important physical activities effective for children who live in constant struggle with the symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity, stresses you, "my family" in what follows and the presence of a host of other activities, effective for the treatment of this disorder, noting that the effectiveness of each activity is vested in character every child and preferences. Here are the most prominent among them the following:

Sports Nature: The outdoor activities like bike riding and hiking on foot, from the important steps and useful for the children of hyperactivity, as a way of allowing your child to move non-stop and use a wide range of muscles of the body and focus on an ongoing basis, unlike many team sports, which controls by the time factor, for example, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc..

• Music: Unlike the various activities that stimulate either the left part of the brain or the right part of it, the music plays a role in stimulating the brain and hauled train the mind to do more than one task at the same time. If your child plays in a band or orchestra or chorus, it is therefore learn how to be part of a team - and this is one of the basic skills for children with HKD.

Swim: There is no doubt that the constant movement and regular exercises required by the swim will fit to a large extent the level of hyperactivity shown by your child, as well as what they can offer him the sport of flexibility and the ability to show restraint.

Scouts: Scouts organize a variety of activities require children to focus and pay attention, organization, and presentation of awards thanks to the system adopted by this movement, they are able today to urge children hyperactivity to do everything in their power to complete the work or actively what superiority.

histrionics: contribute representation of what it takes to save and regular exercise and attention to climb to the theater, in establishing a specific routine for children hyperactivity and stimulate and focus their attention and get them to do their best.

Running: The running individually or in a group gives the child a sense of satisfaction ADHD, thanks to the continuous movement which carried out during the exercise of the sport and a sense of achievement, which is controlled by the estimated distance that when Ajtazha. This can be jogging to help calm the anxiety of the child after school.

simple games: always remember that simple games are very useful for children who do not have great ability to concentrate. The win, which can be achieved through which the child will enhance the self-confidence and stimulated to play for a longer time and the selection of games is more complicated.

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